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Elections 2024

QRSE Executive Board Elections are now open!

Dear QRSE members,


We are coming up to the QRSE elections and are therefore seeking self-nominations to serve for a range of important positions on the QRSE Executive Board. All are designated as three-year terms, with the exception of the President (2-3 years plus 1 year as Past President), and the roles and responsibilities for each position can be found in the QRSE bylaws on the 'About' QRSE webpage.


The positions that we are seeking self-nominations for are the following:


  1. President

  2. Secretary

  3. Treasurer

  4. Membership Officer

  5. Conference Officer

  6. Communications Officer

  7. Elections Officer


As indicated on the QRSE website, “to be eligible to self-nominate all nominees must have maintained a membership of QRSE for a minimum of 2 consecutive years.” However, if there is a case where a potential candidate does not meet this requirement, the Executive Board may determine that there should be a one-time exemption from this requirement. Nominations and all materials are due Tuesday 30th April 2024.


Once self-nominations are received, the Elections Officer (on behalf of the E-board) will create and email ballots to all current paid members with an invitation to vote. Whether you are an early career scholar or a senior faculty member, we hope that you take this opportunity to step up to serve the society as a member of the E-board!


Self-nominations should be accompanied by a brief (2-pages maximum) statement consisting of the following information:

  • Any QRSE committee or leadership involvement

  • A rationale for the nomination

  • A vision statement – where should QRSE focus its’ efforts in the future and how can you assist as a board member?


These statements will accompany the voting ballot to support current paid members in decision-making. 


The current QRSE president, Prof. Brett Smith, will stay on as past-president. This is really an exciting new step forward for the society, and a chance to contribute to its continued growth, outreach and impact. If you have any questions about self-nominations or the elections process, please consult the election process information on the QRSE website in the first instance, and feel free to send an email to:


Thanks for your consideration and willingness to serve in this important capacity on the QRSEsoc Executive Board. We look forward to seeing you all at the QRSE2024 conference in Bath this summer!

Prof. Ted Butryn

Elections Officer

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