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Call for papers


Qualitative research in sport and exercise is firmly established and continues to expand at a rapid pace. It is increasingly celebrated for what it can offer within and beyond the academy in terms of understanding people’s perceptions, experiences, and meanings they attribute to sport, physical activity, exercise and leisure along with the social structures that shape them. 


This conference is dedicated to promoting cutting edge empirical inquiry, advancements in qualitative methods, and debates about methods, theory, and practice and as they relate to conducting and learning from qualitative research in sport and exercise. 


We welcome qualitative researchers from all areas of sport and exercise. Past QRSE conferences have included submissions from the fields of sport and exercise psychology, sociology of sport, physical cultural studies, sport history, physical education, coaching, sports medicine, rehabilitation, health promotion, sport management, sports medicine, leisure studies, sport ecology and sport policy.

We invite abstracts that connect to the following areas:

  • Empirical research findings

  • Theory

  • Applied Practice

  • Policy

  • Pedagogy

  • Qualitative Methods

  • Research Ethics

  • Representation (Delegates wishing to present or exhibit their work using arts / performance are encouraged to contact the conference organising committee prior to submitting an abstract to discuss feasibility).


Please be aware that there are more suitable forums for those wishing to present their mixed-method studies or systematic reviews. Abstracts relating to these – with the exception of submissions reporting a metasynthesis of qualitative studies - will not be considered for the programme. 


Important notes concerning QRSE2022

  • QRSE2022 is an entirely new conference, with a new programme and speakers.

  • Decisions on abstracts submitted for QRSE2020 do not apply to QRSE2022. If you would like your abstract to be considered for the QRSE2022 programme, you must treat it as a new submission

  • QRSE2022 is primarily an in-person conference. However, we are offering virtual delegate attendance and a limited number of oral presentation slots for those who cannot travel to attend in person. Virtual delegates will have access to real-time presentations but not the poster session or social and ECR events.  

  • Recordings of the keynote addresses and ECR award presentation will be freely available online to QRSEsoc members following the conference.

  • Each delegate may submit and present one abstract. There is no restriction on the number abstracts on which you are a co-author.


The deadline for the submission of symposium abstracts is February 28th, 2022


Deadline for oral presentation and poster abstracts is March 31st, 2022. 

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