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Submit an abstract

Abstract submission for QRSE2024 has now closed. 

We invite abstract submissions for: (1) Standard oral papers, (2) Poster 2.0, (3) Method Focused Symposium Sessions. 

Prior to submitting an abstract, please read the information below carefully as it contains details of what should be included. All abstracts will be peer reviewed. This will be overseen by the conference organising committee. If the content of an abstract or presentation is potentially sensitive in nature, kindly review the Sensitive Content Caution guidelines below. 


Abstract: 250 words

These are presentations that report on well-developed research. 


What should I include in my abstract? For empirical papers, we encourage abstracts to be structured using the following sub-headings: 

  • Objectives 

  • Methods 

  • Findings and Discussion 

  • Conclusions

For conceptual and / or performance papers, abstracts should clearly state an aim, justification and implications (i.e. What are you proposing / considering in this presentation? Why is it important? What might be an outcome or consequence of what you’re suggesting?)

2. POSTER 2.0

Abstract: 250 words

Posters at QRSE2024 should follow the “Poster 2.0” format. Everything that you need to know about the Poster 2.0 format can be found in this online video (note – we are not insisting on the use of prescribed colour coding for different study types!).

What should I include in my abstract? Poster abstracts should be structured using the following sub-headings: 

  • Objectives 

  • Methods 

  • Findings and Discussion 

  • Conclusions


Abstracts: 1200 words max.

A limited number of Symposium Sessions will be included in the programme. We would encourage symposium sessions to have an explicit focus on the development of qualitative methods. A proposed session might include presenters from different disciplines within Sport and Exercise discussing how similar methods have been used. Alternatively, presenters from the same or similar disciplines, or with a shared interest in a particular topic, might discuss how different qualitative methods have been employed to advance knowledge in that area. As one more example, researchers might discuss new methods that revolve around a key theme (e.g. digital methods) they are advancing.  

Symposia that include a diverse group of speakers (e.g. career stage, gender, academic/non-academic, geographical spread) are particularly welcomed. Potential convenors may wish to circulate calls for interest around their chosen topic via networks, special interest groups, social media (please tag @QRSE2024) etc. to aid this process. 


Method Focused Symposia Sessions may adopt a range of different formats. These might include:


1. Completed / near complete research

These sessions should include 4 - 5 papers that fit with the session topic. These sessions can also include a commentator, who should be listed in the session proposal. 

What should I include in my abstract? Include aims and justification for the session, incorporating contextual details where appropriate. You should also include a brief overview of each individual paper along with commentary on how these papers will connect and complement each other in relation to the overarching purpose of the session.


2. Roundtable session 

These sessions are for less developed, preliminary or exploratory research. They might include 4-5 presenters, who each provide a 5 minute introduction of their method / research, followed by interactive discussion among those presenting and the audience. 

What should I include in my abstract? Introduce the topic for discussion. Why is it important? Why now? Who are the other panel members and what do they bring to the discussion? What are the key questions (by panel members, the audience) and what do you hope to gain from considering them in this format? 

Sensitive Content Caution


Following feedback from QRSE2022, if your abstract and subsequent presentation includes material that may be perceived as sensitive or difficult to witness for audience members then please include the following in your abstract submission (not counted in word count):


This [poster/presentation] covers the potentially challenging topic of [insert topic] in [insert population]. The research is [insert method], where the [poster/presentation] will cover [insert any specific details].

  • Example 1: This presentation covers the potentially challenging topic of eating disorders (ED) in collegiate level athletes. The research is a case study that covers the topic of EDs throughout, including prevalence and risk factors, symptoms, treatment, and recovery. The experiences of the athletes are reported in the context of restrictive eating behaviours.

  • Example 2: This presentation covers the potentially challenging topic of depression and anxiety in female athletes. The research is a reflexive thematic analysis from 1-1 interviews, the presentation will solely focus on the positive experiences of help-seeking in the context, but it is worth noting that example quotes will be provided.

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